Callsign: RA6HSM


QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore
80 mCW16519 0 2 014409 0 1 0
40 mCW22873 0 3 020814 0 3 0
20 mCW803414 0 9 0712975 0 8 0
15 mCW3102 0 0 0269 0 0 0
10 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
TotalAll1214908 0 14 091081074267 0 12 07867

DXCC RDA OblPoints
UA4WI14021CW1405LN05LO66+: QSO is confirmed32
RU9WZ14021CW1406LN05LO74+: QSO is confirmed32
RA9A14017CW1408LN05MO05+: QSO is confirmed33
R1AT14013CW1409LN05SP12+: QSO is confirmedSP1282
PA5WT14019CW1409LN05JO22+: QSO is confirmed34
RA4LO14026CW1411LN05LO44+: QSO is confirmed31
RK9QWM14027CW1411LN05MO16+: QSO is confirmed33
RU3UW14029CW1412LN05LO07+: QSO is confirmed31
EW0OF14038CW1413LN05KO52C: you have received invalid callsignEW8OF0
UA2FL14022CW1426LN05KO04+: QSO is confirmed32
UA9CLB14023CW1426LN05MO06+: QSO is confirmed33
RW9QA14021CW1428LN05MO25+: QSO is confirmed33
LY2BKT14026CW1429LN05KO15+: QSO is confirmed32
R8XW14030CW1430LN05MP27+: QSO is confirmed35
RW1CX14036CW1431LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmed82
RU4SO14039CW1432LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmed31
RN4HAB14043CW1432LN05LO53+: QSO is confirmed31
UA1CEC14046CW1433LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmed82
RM1A14035CW1435LN05SP08+: QSO is confirmedSP0882
RX1A14028CW1436LN05SP04+: QSO is confirmedSP0482
UW1WU14028CW1437LN05KN29+: QSO is confirmed31
RV9WA14026CW1438LN05LO73+: QSO is confirmed31
RK8I21020CW1439LN05NO26+: QSO is confirmed35
R9XT14025CW1440LN05MP27+: QSO is confirmed35
RQ9I14010CW1515LN05NO26+: QSO is confirmed35
RV1CC14011CW1516LN05SP14NIL: QSO is not in log 0
UA5B14015CW1517LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
RX4W14016CW1518LN05LO65+: QSO is confirmed31
UA0WW14017CW1519LN05NO53+: QSO is confirmed36
RN3BO14021CW1520LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
R8TR14028CW1523LN05LO91+: QSO is confirmed32
LZ5XQ14038CW1523LN05KN32+: QSO is confirmed31
UA1ANA14043CW1525LN05SP20+: QSO is confirmedSP2082
S52AW21021CW1526LN05JN75U: unique (no log)0
PA5WT21020CW1527LN05JO22+: QSO is confirmed34
UR5VR14033CW1546LN05KN68+: QSO is confirmed28
UA1A14033CW1546LN05SP19+: QSO is confirmedSP1982
RW3XM14039CW1548LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
RL3A14008CW1551LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
EW6GF14010CW1552LN05KO55+: QSO is confirmed31
RN4SS14016CW1604LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmed31
RK8I14011CW1605LN05NO26+: QSO is confirmed35
R0AA14018CW1607LN05NO56+: QSO is confirmed36
R7HF14023CW1608LN05LN05+: QSO is confirmed5
RT9A14023CW1609LN05MO04+: QSO is confirmed32
RA4S14025CW1610LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmed31
UW1G14027CW1611LN05KN66+: QSO is confirmed28
5B/RN3QO14029CW1612LN05KM64+: QSO is confirmed31
RN9O14029CW1613LN05NO14+: QSO is confirmed35
RA7C14031CW1614LN05LN05+: QSO is confirmed5
R3FX14029CW1615LN05KO86+: QSO is confirmed31
UC0A14020CW1617LN05NO56+: QSO is confirmed36
RA9DZ14018CW1618LN05MO06+: QSO is confirmed33
R4II14017CW1620LN05LO43+: QSO is confirmed30
RA1AL14015CW1621LN05SP17+: QSO is confirmed82
4Z5TK14015CW1623LN05KM72+: QSO is confirmed32
UA9WOB14018CW1624LN05LO83+: QSO is confirmed32
UA4FER14021CW1624LN05LO23+: QSO is confirmed30
UA1AFT14021CW1626LN05SP04+: QSO is confirmed82
EU6AA14024CW1628LN05KO54+: QSO is confirmed31
R1DM14030CW1631LN05LO30S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLN950
UA1AAB14045CW1636LN05SP07+: QSO is confirmedSP0782
DF1MM14033CW1644LN05JO43+: QSO is confirmed34
RD1A14030CW1646LN05LO28+: QSO is confirmedLO2882
R1AO14038CW1649LN05SP19+: QSO is confirmed82
RT4W14037CW1650LN05LO66+: QSO is confirmed32
RW0BG14026CW1651LN05NP49+: QSO is confirmed36
UA9CTT14022CW1652LN05MO06+: QSO is confirmed33
4X4DZ14022CW1652LN05KM72+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3RF14021CW1653LN05LO02+: QSO is confirmed29
HG4I14020CW1654LN05JN97U: unique (no log)0
EU1WW14009CW1655LN05KO33Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationRA6HIM0
YU7U14011CW1658LN05KN05U: unique (no log)0
UA1ZZ14014CW1659LN05KP68U: unique (no log)0
RO1B14018CW1700LN05SP07+: QSO is confirmed82
RW0AJ14024CW1703LN05NO56+: QSO is confirmed36
RM76DZ14028CW1705LN05LO31+: QSO is confirmedLO31132
UP0L14034CW1706LN05MO13+: QSO is confirmed33
RT3N14039CW1707LN05LO07+: QSO is confirmed31
LZ9R14042CW1708LN05KN32+: QSO is confirmed31
UT3EK14026CW1746LN05KN78+: QSO is confirmed28
5B/RN3QO7009CW1759LN05KM64+: QSO is confirmed31
RA1AL7009CW1800LN05SP17+: QSO is confirmedSP1782
R3FX7011CW1803LN05KO86+: QSO is confirmed31
R7AW7012CW1804LN05KN95+: QSO is confirmed22
UA4FER7014CW1804LN05LO23+: QSO is confirmed30
RV1AQ7015CW1805LN05SP14+: QSO is confirmed82
4X4DZ7015CW1807LN05KM72+: QSO is confirmed32
UA2FL7023CW1808LN05KO04+: QSO is confirmed32
RM3Z7021CW1809LN05KO90+: QSO is confirmed28
R4II7034CW1814LN05LO43+: QSO is confirmed30
UA1CUR7035CW1816LN05LO36+: QSO is confirmedLO3682
UA9WOB7026CW1817LN05LO83+: QSO is confirmed32
R8TR7025CW1817LN05LO91+: QSO is confirmed32
R0AA7036CW1819LN05NO56+: QSO is confirmed36
UY2IG7030CW1821LN05KN88S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLN030
LY2BKT7030CW1822LN05KO15+: QSO is confirmed32
RK1AA7012CW1824LN05LO35+: QSO is confirmedLO3582
UA9CLB7014CW1825LN05MO06+: QSO is confirmed33
RK3ER7024CW1827LN05KO83+: QSO is confirmed30
RW9QA7027CW1827LN05MO25+: QSO is confirmed33
UA6CC7023CW1829LN05KN95+: QSO is confirmed22
UC0A3505CW1833LN05NO56+: QSO is confirmed36
RA9A3508CW1833LN05MO05+: QSO is confirmed33
RU4AA3511CW1835LN05LO10S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLN150
EW6GF3510CW1835LN05KO55+: QSO is confirmed31
RU9WZ3511CW1836LN05LO74+: QSO is confirmed32
UA5B3512CW1836LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
R3FX3515CW1838LN05KO86+: QSO is confirmed31
RN7F3513CW1839LN05LN05+: QSO is confirmed5
R1DX3516CW1840LN05SP18R: you have received invalid exchange numberSP190
UA4FER3517CW1847LN05LO23+: QSO is confirmed30
RW3XM3517CW1848LN05KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
RV1CC3518CW1849LN05SP14+: QSO is confirmedSP1482
RA7C3521CW1850LN05LN05+: QSO is confirmed5
UA3RF3547CW1851LN05LO02+: QSO is confirmed29
UC7A3519CW1853LN05LN05+: QSO is confirmed5
UU9JK3524CW1854LN05KN64+: QSO is confirmed28

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