R4II UBN Report

Callsign: R4II


QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore
80 mCW17662 0 3 015599 0 3 0
40 mCW1133944 0 7 01023634 0 7 0
20 mCW732773 0 5 0592333 0 5 0
15 mCW134 0 0 000 0 0 0
10 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
TotalAll2047413 0 15 0119131766566 0 15 011066

DXCC RDA OblPoints
UK8AR14010CW1613LO43MN41+: QSO is confirmed33
RQ9I14010CW1613LO43NO26+: QSO is confirmed34
RK8I14011CW1615LO43NO26+: QSO is confirmed34
YU1DW14013CW1616LO43KN04U: unique (no log)0
RA1AL14014CW1616LO43SP17+: QSO is confirmed81
R7AO14015CW1617LO43KN84+: QSO is confirmed31
RK4FM14016CW1618LO43LO14R: you have received invalid exchange numberLO130
LY3B14016CW1619LO43KO26+: QSO is confirmed32
R9XW14016CW1619LO43MP27C: you have received invalid callsignR8XW0
RA6HSM14016CW1619LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
UC7A14016CW1620LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
UX6IB14016CW1620LO43KN87+: QSO is confirmed30
R7AT14016CW1621LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
R1AT14016CW1621LO43SP12+: QSO is confirmedSP1281
LZ5R14016CW1621LO43KN22+: QSO is confirmed33
ES4DB14016CW1621LO43KO38C: you have received invalid callsignES5DB0
UR5VR14016CW1622LO43KN68+: QSO is confirmed31
R7AW14016CW1622LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
RT5G14016CW1622LO43KO92+: QSO is confirmed28
YL2KO14016CW1623LO43KO37+: QSO is confirmed32
RT7T14016CW1623LO43LN14+: QSO is confirmed30
RW1CX14016CW1623LO43LO36+: QSO is confirmed81
RK1AS14016CW1624LO43SP10+: QSO is confirmedSP1081
EU1FY14016CW1624LO43KO33U: unique (no log)0
RA7C14016CW1624LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
UA3MIF14016CW1625LO43KO98+: QSO is confirmed29
R0AA14016CW1631LO43NO56+: QSO is confirmed34
LY9A14017CW1632LO43KO26+: QSO is confirmed32
DF1MM14017CW1633LO43JO43+: QSO is confirmed34
UA4WI14017CW1633LO43LO66+: QSO is confirmed26
UA4CNJ14017CW1634LO43LO21+: QSO is confirmed25
LY3QA14017CW1634LO43KO25+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3WW14017CW1634LO43KO81Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationR4SS0
RU3XY14017CW1635LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UX4U14017CW1635LO43KO50+: QSO is confirmed31
RA5FB14017CW1635LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
LY2BKT14017CW1635LO43KO15+: QSO is confirmed32
RA1QD14017CW1636LO43KO99+: QSO is confirmed30
UU9JCB14019CW1638LO43KN64+: QSO is confirmed32
UC0A14020CW1639LO43NO56+: QSO is confirmed34
UN3M14024CW1642LO43LO61S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLO440
RW0BG14025CW1644LO43NP49+: QSO is confirmed34
PA2M14026CW1644LO43JO21U: unique (no log)0
5B/RN3QO14028CW1645LO43KM64+: QSO is confirmed34
R1AL14034CW1646LO43SP18+: QSO is confirmedSP1881
RV6LCI14042CW1647LO43LN06+: QSO is confirmed30
4Z5TK14014CW1650LO43KM72+: QSO is confirmed34
HA5KQ14015CW1650LO43JN97+: QSO is confirmed33
UW1WU14018CW1651LO43KN29+: QSO is confirmed32
HG4I14020CW1652LO43JN97U: unique (no log)0
4X4DZ14022CW1654LO43KM72NIL: QSO is not in log 0
UA9CLB14024CW1654LO43MO06+: QSO is confirmed29
RA1NBW/114026CW1656LO43LO24+: QSO is confirmedLO2481
UR5LF14026CW1656LO43KN89+: QSO is confirmed30
EW6FX14026CW1656LO43KO55+: QSO is confirmed31
UR7MZ14026CW1657LO43KN98+: QSO is confirmed30
UA1ZLN14026CW1657LO43KP67+: QSO is confirmed33
UA1AUW14026CW1658LO43LO24+: QSO is confirmed81
RT3N14026CW1658LO43LO07+: QSO is confirmed28
RA9MX14026CW1659LO43MO65+: QSO is confirmed32
LZ9R14026CW1659LO43KN32+: QSO is confirmed33
UA1AAU14026CW1659LO43SP01+: QSO is confirmedSP0181
UT7MD14026CW1700LO43KN98+: QSO is confirmed30
HA6OZ14026CW1700LO43JN98U: unique (no log)0
RT9A14026CW1700LO43MO04+: QSO is confirmed29
RQ4F14026CW1701LO43LO13U: unique (no log)0
UX5VK14026CW1702LO43KN18U: unique (no log)0
5B/RN3QO21015CW1704LO43KM64NIL: QSO is not in log 0
RD1A14015CW1717LO43LO28+: QSO is confirmed81
PA7JWC14018CW1718LO43JO21S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLM430
RW3AI14021CW1720LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UA2FL14023CW1721LO43KO04+: QSO is confirmed33
RV1AQ14032CW1723LO43SP14+: QSO is confirmed81
UY2IG14035CW1723LO43KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
RA1AL7008CW1726LO43SP17+: QSO is confirmedSP1781
EW6GF7009CW1726LO43KO55+: QSO is confirmed31
RV1CC7010CW1727LO43SP14+: QSO is confirmedSP1481
R9DA7010CW1728LO43MO06+: QSO is confirmed29
R3FX7011CW1728LO43KO86+: QSO is confirmed29
RA3MD7011CW1729LO43KO98NIL: QSO is not in log 0
R7AW7012CW1732LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
YU1DW7013CW1733LO43KN04U: unique (no log)0
RW9QA7013CW1734LO43MO25+: QSO is confirmed30
UA3QGT7013CW1734LO43KO90+: QSO is confirmed29
UA5B7014CW1735LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RA1QD7015CW1735LO43KO99+: QSO is confirmed30
UR7MZ7016CW1736LO43KN98+: QSO is confirmed30
RK1AQ7016CW1736LO43SP17+: QSO is confirmed81
UA3XAO7017CW1737LO43KO85U: unique (no log)0
SA1A7017CW1737LO43JO97+: QSO is confirmed33
RM1A7018CW1738LO43SP08+: QSO is confirmed81
UR5WX7019CW1739LO43KN29+: QSO is confirmed32
LZ5R7019CW1739LO43KN22+: QSO is confirmed33
UA4WI7019CW1739LO43LO66+: QSO is confirmed26
LY9A7019CW1740LO43KO26+: QSO is confirmed32
RT9A7019CW1740LO43MO04+: QSO is confirmed29
LY3B7019CW1740LO43KO26+: QSO is confirmed32
LY3QA7019CW1741LO43KO25+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3QPA7019CW1741LO43KO91+: QSO is confirmed29
RN9RF7019CW1741LO43MO16+: QSO is confirmed30
RU1QY7019CW1741LO43LO09+: QSO is confirmed29
R8XW7019CW1742LO43MP27+: QSO is confirmed33
UA1AFT7019CW1743LO43SP04+: QSO is confirmedSP0481
RU3FB7019CW1743LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RA9A7019CW1744LO43MO05+: QSO is confirmed29
LY2KO7019CW1744LO43KO37C: you have received invalid callsignYL2KO0
RA9AP7019CW1744LO43MO04+: QSO is confirmed29
RL9U7019CW1745LO43NO33+: QSO is confirmed34
UT1IM7019CW1745LO43KN87+: QSO is confirmed30
UW1WU7019CW1745LO43KN29+: QSO is confirmed32
RM7BDZ7019CW1746LO43LO31C: you have received invalid callsignRM76DZ0
RA3AN7019CW1746LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RA7C7019CW1747LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
RD9CX7020CW1748LO43MO06+: QSO is confirmed29
UA2FL7022CW1749LO43KO04+: QSO is confirmed33
EW3AAM7023CW1750LO43KO33+: QSO is confirmed32
UR5LF7024CW1752LO43KN89+: QSO is confirmed30
UK8AR7026CW1752LO43MN41+: QSO is confirmed33
UA3RF7027CW1753LO43LO02+: QSO is confirmed27
RW3XM7028CW1754LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
LZ5XQ7028CW1754LO43KN32+: QSO is confirmed33
UA7G7030CW1755LO43LN14+: QSO is confirmed30
LY2NK7031CW1755LO43KO24+: QSO is confirmed32
UR5VR7032CW1756LO43KN68+: QSO is confirmed31
RN7F7032CW1757LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
RQ4F7034CW1758LO43LO13U: unique (no log)0
UX4U7034CW1758LO43KO50+: QSO is confirmed31
RA9DZ7034CW1758LO43MO06+: QSO is confirmed29
RV3DBX7034CW1759LO43KO96+: QSO is confirmed29
UC7A7034CW1759LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
UA9WOB7034CW1800LO43LO83+: QSO is confirmed27
EU6AA7034CW1800LO43KO54+: QSO is confirmed31
RN3BO7034CW1800LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
R9XT7034CW1801LO43MP27+: QSO is confirmed33
EU1WW7034CW1801LO43KO33+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3AAJ7034CW1801LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
R1DM7034CW1802LO43LO30+: QSO is confirmedLO3081
RA0AM7034CW1804LO43NO66+: QSO is confirmed34
LZ7H7034CW1805LO43KN43+: QSO is confirmed33
RX1AG7034CW1806LO43SP17+: QSO is confirmed81
LZ9R7034CW1806LO43KN32+: QSO is confirmed33
RU3XY7034CW1806LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RK3ER7034CW1806LO43KO83+: QSO is confirmed29
RU4IT7034CW1806LO43LO43+: QSO is confirmed5
PA2M7034CW1807LO43JO21U: unique (no log)0
RA1ABR7034CW1807LO43SP13+: QSO is confirmedSP1381
UA6CC7034CW1808LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
S52AW7034CW1808LO43JN75U: unique (no log)0
R8XF7034CW1808LO43MP51R: you have received invalid exchange numberLP510
RU4SO7034CW1808LO43LO36+: QSO is confirmed26
RA2FAC7034CW1809LO43KO04U: unique (no log)0
UA4FCO7034CW1810LO43LO23+: QSO is confirmed24
R8TR7034CW1810LO43LO91+: QSO is confirmed29
RA3MD7034CW1811LO43KO98+: QSO is confirmed29
YL2CV7034CW1811LO43KO16+: QSO is confirmed32
RD3ARU7034CW1812LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UA3QAM7034CW1812LO43KO91+: QSO is confirmed29
LY3CY7034CW1812LO43KO24+: QSO is confirmed32
EW8OF7034CW1813LO43KO52+: QSO is confirmed31
YL2PP7034CW1813LO43KO26+: QSO is confirmed32
RA6HSM7034CW1814LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
LY2BKT7034CW1815LO43KO15+: QSO is confirmed32
RK8I7034CW1815LO43NO26+: QSO is confirmed34
R7AT7034CW1815LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
RU6CH7034CW1816LO43KN93C: you have received invalid callsignRU6CS0
RA3NC7034CW1817LO43LO07+: QSO is confirmed28
UR4LIN7034CW1819LO43KO80+: QSO is confirmed30
UA6HFI7034CW1819LO43LN04+: QSO is confirmed31
UT3EK7034CW1819LO43KN78+: QSO is confirmed31
UA9SMU7034CW1820LO43LO52+: QSO is confirmed22
UI8CM7034CW1820LO43MO07+: QSO is confirmed29
UA4L7034CW1821LO43LO44+: QSO is confirmed20
UA3DLD7034CW1857LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UR5FCM7034CW1858LO43KN56+: QSO is confirmed32
RA4CB7034CW1858LO43LO31+: QSO is confirmed24
UW1G7034CW1858LO43KN66+: QSO is confirmed31
PA0RBA7034CW1858LO43JO22+: QSO is confirmed35
RD1A7009CW1900LO43LO28+: QSO is confirmedLO2881
HA8TP7011CW1901LO43JN96+: QSO is confirmed34
RV1AQ7012CW1902LO43SP14+: QSO is confirmed81
UU9JCB7013CW1902LO43KN64+: QSO is confirmed32
PA5WT7015CW1903LO43JO22+: QSO is confirmed35
5B/RN3QO7015CW1904LO43KM64+: QSO is confirmed34
PA2REH7017CW1905LO43JO22+: QSO is confirmed35
RQ9I7017CW1905LO43NO26+: QSO is confirmed34
RO1B7021CW1906LO43SP07+: QSO is confirmedSP0781
RA0AY7023CW1909LO43NO56+: QSO is confirmed34
EU6AA3539CW1913LO43KO54+: QSO is confirmed31
RK1AA3558CW1915LO43LO35+: QSO is confirmedLO3581
UA1CUR3556CW1916LO43LO36+: QSO is confirmedLO3681
RW4WA3537CW1918LO43LO66+: QSO is confirmed26
UC7A3530CW1919LO43LN05+: QSO is confirmed30
S52AW3529CW1919LO43JN75U: unique (no log)0
UA3XAO3525CW1920LO43KO85U: unique (no log)0
LZ5XQ3524CW1920LO43KN32+: QSO is confirmed33
UA2FL3522CW1921LO43KO04+: QSO is confirmed33
UA6CC3522CW1922LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
RM1A3521CW1923LO43SP08+: QSO is confirmedSP0881
UR8IF3519CW1924LO43KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
UA5B3519CW1924LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
R3FX3518CW1925LO43KO86+: QSO is confirmed29
RA3AN3518CW1925LO43KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
R7AW3517CW1925LO43KN95+: QSO is confirmed31
UA4FER3517CW1926LO43LO23+: QSO is confirmed24

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