Callsign: UA3DLD


QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore
80 mCW281074 0 6 0271041 0 6 0
40 mCW481741 0 5 0451674 0 5 0
20 mCW4128 0 0 0261 0 0 0
15 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
10 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
TotalAll802943 0 11 06243742776 0 11 06076

DXCC RDA OblPoints
RW0AJ14000CW1729KO85NO26R: you have received invalid exchange numberNO560
UA6AK14000CW1733KO85LN04+: QSO is confirmed31
R8XF14000CW1736KO85LP51+: QSO is confirmed30
RA9A14000CW1742KO85MO05Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationUA3DRD0
UC0A7000CW1746KO85NO56+: QSO is confirmed35
RN7F7000CW1747KO85LN05+: QSO is confirmed31
UR5VR7000CW1749KO85KN68+: QSO is confirmed29
UA1ANA7000CW1750KO85SP20+: QSO is confirmedSP2078
LZ5XQ7000CW1752KO85KN32+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3RF7000CW1753KO85LO02+: QSO is confirmed26
UA3QPA7000CW1753KO85KO91+: QSO is confirmed27
UK8AR7000CW1755KO85MN41+: QSO is confirmed34
RV1CC7000CW1756KO85SP14+: QSO is confirmed78
UA2FL7000CW1758KO85KO04+: QSO is confirmed30
RM3Z7000CW1758KO85KO90+: QSO is confirmed28
UU9JK7000CW1800KO85KN64+: QSO is confirmed31
RV1AQ7000CW1803KO85SP14+: QSO is confirmed78
RW0BG7000CW1806KO85NP85R: you have received invalid exchange numberNP490
RW3XM7000CW1810KO85KO85+: QSO is confirmed5
UA3XAO7000CW1811KO85KO85U: unique (no log)0
RU9WZ7000CW1812KO85LO74+: QSO is confirmed31
UA4L7000CW1816KO85LO44+: QSO is confirmed29
4X4DZ7000CW1838KO85KM72+: QSO is confirmed34
RQ4F7000CW1839KO85LO13U: unique (no log)0
RD9CX7000CW1851KO85MO06+: QSO is confirmed32
RA5FB7000CW1854KO85KO85+: QSO is confirmed5
UA6CC7000CW1855KO85KN95+: QSO is confirmed30
R4II7000CW1857KO85LO43+: QSO is confirmed29
RT3N7000CW1858KO85LO07+: QSO is confirmed25
RU3XY7000CW1901KO85KO85+: QSO is confirmed5
RD1A7000CW1903KO85LO28+: QSO is confirmedLO2878
R1DX3500CW1905KO85SP19+: QSO is confirmedSP1978
RV1CC3500CW1907KO85SP14+: QSO is confirmedSP1478
R3FX3500CW1910KO85KO86+: QSO is confirmed20
R7AW3500CW1911KO85KN95+: QSO is confirmed30
UA4FER3500CW1913KO85LO23+: QSO is confirmed28
EU6AA3500CW1917KO85KO54+: QSO is confirmed26
S52AW3500CW1919KO85JN74U: unique (no log)0
UR7MZ3500CW1921KO85KN98+: QSO is confirmed29
RA1QD3500CW1924KO85KO99+: QSO is confirmed27
RO1B3500CW1927KO85SP07+: QSO is confirmedSP0778
RM1A3500CW1928KO85SP08+: QSO is confirmedSP0878
UA2FL3500CW1929KO85KO04+: QSO is confirmed30
RK3ER7000CW1930KO85KO83+: QSO is confirmed23
R1DM7000CW1932KO85LO30+: QSO is confirmedLO3078
RX1A7000CW1933KO85SP04+: QSO is confirmed78
UC7A7000CW1934KO85LN05+: QSO is confirmed31
YL2CV7000CW1935KO85KO16+: QSO is confirmed29
LZ5R7000CW1935KO85KN22+: QSO is confirmed32
UA1AAU7000CW1936KO85SP01+: QSO is confirmedSP0178
RA9A7000CW1936KO85MO05+: QSO is confirmed32
RW1AI7000CW1937KO85SP14+: QSO is confirmed78
UA7G7000CW1938KO85LN14+: QSO is confirmed31
LY3B7000CW1938KO85KO26+: QSO is confirmed29
RA1CP7000CW1939KO85LO16+: QSO is confirmedLO1678
EU6AA7000CW1939KO85KO54+: QSO is confirmed26
R7AM7000CW1940KO85KN95+: QSO is confirmed30
UX4U7000CW1940KO85KO50+: QSO is confirmed28
R8TR7000CW1941KO85LO91+: QSO is confirmed32
LY9A7000CW1941KO85KO26+: QSO is confirmed29
RT5G7000CW1942KO85KO92+: QSO is confirmed26
RA7C7000CW1943KO85LN05+: QSO is confirmed31
UA3AAJ7000CW1944KO85KO85+: QSO is confirmed5
R7AW7000CW1945KO85KN95+: QSO is confirmed30
RT5G3500CW1949KO85KO92+: QSO is confirmed26
UW1G3500CW1950KO85KN66+: QSO is confirmed30
UA1CUR3500CW1951KO85LO36+: QSO is confirmedLO3678
UA1AFT3500CW1951KO85SP04+: QSO is confirmedSP0478
UA3QAM3500CW1953KO85KO91+: QSO is confirmed27
UX4U3500CW1953KO85KO50+: QSO is confirmed28
R8TR3500CW1953KO85LO91+: QSO is confirmed32
UA9CLB3500CW1954KO85MO06+: QSO is confirmed32
RU3XY3500CW1955KO85KO85+: QSO is confirmed5
RA9A3500CW1955KO85MO05+: QSO is confirmed32
LY3B3500CW1956KO85KO26+: QSO is confirmed29
UA4FCO3500CW1956KO85LO23+: QSO is confirmed28
UC7A3500CW1956KO85LN05+: QSO is confirmed31
RL3KQ3500CW1957KO85KO91+: QSO is confirmed27
UA4WI3500CW1958KO85LO66+: QSO is confirmed30
UA3MIF3500CW1959KO85KO98+: QSO is confirmed26

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