LY3CY UBN Report

Callsign: LY3CY


QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore
80 mCW271039 0 5 025986 0 5 0
80 mPH191012 0 5 0191012 0 5 0
40 mCW542219 0 4 0512130 0 4 0
40 mPH381681 0 2 0371603 0 1 0
20 mCW26844 0 0 024781 0 0 0
20 mPH15500 0 0 014466 0 0 0
15 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
15 mPH00 0 0 000 0 0 0
10 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
10 mPH00 0 0 000 0 0 0
TotalCW1074102 0 9 068021003897 0 9 06597
TotalPH723193 0 7 05293703081 0 6 04881
TotalAll1797295 0 16 0120951706978 0 15 011478

DXCC RDA OblPoints
RN7F14150PH1408KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
UI4I14171PH1409KO24LO43+: QSO is confirmed32
RD9SA14194PH1411KO24LO71+: QSO is confirmed33
RU9AC14125PH1412KO24MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
R9DA14015CW1416KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
UA4FER14017CW1417KO24LO23+: QSO is confirmed31
PA5WT14019CW1418KO24JO22+: QSO is confirmed31
R7AW14034CW1420KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
UA4WI14021CW1422KO24LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
UA6CC14022CW1423KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
UA9CLB14023CW1424KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
UA7G14025CW1425KO24LN14+: QSO is confirmed32
RU4SO14039CW1427KO24LO36+: QSO is confirmed32
RF9C14122PH1428KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RC6U14129PH1428KO24LN35+: QSO is confirmed33
UP0L14178PH1429KO24MO13+: QSO is confirmed34
RX6LDQ14150PH1436KO24KN97+: QSO is confirmed31
UA4L14172PH1437KO24LO44+: QSO is confirmed32
RU9CC14195PH1438KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RO4I14192PH1440KO24LO53+: QSO is confirmed32
RK9QWM14146PH1442KO24MO16S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationKO260
RA4I14151PH1446KO24LO53+: QSO is confirmed32
R7AT14015CW1448KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
RA9A14017CW1449KO24MO05+: QSO is confirmed34
RA4S14027CW1450KO24LO36+: QSO is confirmed32
RQ4F14034CW1452KO24LO13U: unique (no log)0
RK9CYA14023CW1456KO24MO17+: QSO is confirmed34
UA4L14032CW1457KO24LO44+: QSO is confirmed32
UC7A14032CW1458KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
UA1ZZ14033CW1459KO24KP68U: unique (no log)0
LZ5XQ14038CW1500KO24KN32+: QSO is confirmed31
RX4W14015CW1502KO24LO65+: QSO is confirmed33
RT9A14018CW1503KO24MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
UA4AAC14024CW1504KO24LO00+: QSO is confirmed31
RW9QA14027CW1505KO24MO25+: QSO is confirmed34
RK9QWM14029CW1506KO24MO16+: QSO is confirmed34
R7AO14032CW1507KO24KN84+: QSO is confirmed31
RN7F14024CW1510KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
R8TR14027CW1510KO24LO91+: QSO is confirmed34
RA0R14131PH1512KO24OO06+: QSO is confirmed37
RK8I14133PH1513KO24NO26+: QSO is confirmed36
UA1CEI7096PH1647KO24LO23+: QSO is confirmed78
RW2B7086PH1648KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RU9AC7083PH1648KO24MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
RC6U7072PH1649KO24LN35+: QSO is confirmed33
UI4I7066PH1650KO24LO43+: QSO is confirmed32
ER3CT7062PH1651KO24KN47+: QSO is confirmed29
LY9A7052PH1651KO24KO26+: QSO is confirmed23
R1AX7069PH1653KO24SP20+: QSO is confirmed78
RT5G7075PH1654KO24KO92+: QSO is confirmed30
RN7F7078PH1655KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
RX1CQ7079PH1656KO24LO23+: QSO is confirmed78
RA3MD7012CW1700KO24KO98+: QSO is confirmed30
UA3QPA7013CW1701KO24KO91+: QSO is confirmed30
R8TR7015CW1703KO24LO91+: QSO is confirmed34
UA3XAO7017CW1704KO24KO85U: unique (no log)0
RU9WZ7025CW1706KO24LO74+: QSO is confirmed33
R7HF7027CW1707KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
RA5FB7029CW1708KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
R7AM7036CW1709KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
UA1CUR7010CW1711KO24LO36+: QSO is confirmedLO3678
R9DA7010CW1712KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RK8I7012CW1714KO24NO26+: QSO is confirmed36
RA9A7015CW1715KO24MO05+: QSO is confirmed34
R7AW7013CW1717KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
UA1A7019CW1718KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
R1DX7020CW1720KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
UA4L7021CW1721KO24LO44+: QSO is confirmed32
RX1A7022CW1722KO24SP04+: QSO is confirmedSP0478
RT9A7025CW1723KO24MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
UA9CLB7029CW1724KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RN7F7033CW1725KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
RK3ER7034CW1726KO24KO83+: QSO is confirmed29
RW1CX7036CW1726KO24LO36+: QSO is confirmed78
EW6GF7009CW1728KO24KO55+: QSO is confirmed26
RV1CC7010CW1729KO24SP14+: QSO is confirmed78
R3FX7011CW1730KO24KO86+: QSO is confirmed29
RW9QA7013CW1731KO24MO25+: QSO is confirmed34
SA1A7018CW1732KO24JO97+: QSO is confirmed27
RA3AN7021CW1733KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UA1AFT7027CW1735KO24SP04+: QSO is confirmed78
UA1ANA7031CW1736KO24SP20+: QSO is confirmed78
UR5VR7032CW1737KO24KN68+: QSO is confirmed29
UA6LCG7064PH1739KO24KN97+: QSO is confirmed31
RK8I7068PH1739KO24NO26+: QSO is confirmed36
R3RZ7072PH1740KO24LO12+: QSO is confirmed31
RU3XK7078PH1741KO24KO73+: QSO is confirmed28
EU1WW7087PH1742KO24KO33+: QSO is confirmed22
R1CN7095PH1743KO24LO35S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationLO240
UA1CKC7108PH1745KO24LO26+: QSO is confirmed78
RA1AGL7112PH1745KO24LO22+: QSO is confirmed78
RA1APY7124PH1746KO24SP07+: QSO is confirmedSP0778
UP0L7128PH1747KO24MO13+: QSO is confirmed34
RA3RBL7061PH1748KO24LO02+: QSO is confirmed30
RA9SF7063PH1749KO24LO91+: QSO is confirmed34
UA1AFZ7075PH1750KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
UA1AHZ7079PH1751KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
RU6YA7093PH1752KO24LN04+: QSO is confirmed32
RA4PTI7100PH1753KO24LO64+: QSO is confirmed33
RU3VV7110PH1755KO24LO05+: QSO is confirmed30
RT9TM7118PH1755KO24LO72+: QSO is confirmed33
R7AT7011CW1758KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
YU1DW7013CW1759KO24KN04U: unique (no log)0
RA1ABR7014CW1801KO24SP13+: QSO is confirmedSP1378
YL2TB7010CW1802KO24KO16+: QSO is confirmed24
RV1AQ7015CW1803KO24SP14+: QSO is confirmed78
R1AT7019CW1805KO24SP12+: QSO is confirmed78
RA7C7019CW1805KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
UA2FL7023CW1806KO24KO04+: QSO is confirmed24
UA9WOB7026CW1808KO24LO83+: QSO is confirmed33
RW3XM7028CW1809KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UY2IG7030CW1811KO24KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
R4II7034CW1813KO24LO43+: QSO is confirmed32
RX6LDQ7062PH1813KO24KN97+: QSO is confirmed31
RD3VC7065PH1814KO24LO05+: QSO is confirmed30
UA3VFS7073PH1815KO24LO05+: QSO is confirmed30
YL2TB7079PH1816KO24KO16+: QSO is confirmed24
RA1AL7085PH1817KO24SP17+: QSO is confirmed78
RM9U7098PH1818KO24NO46+: QSO is confirmed36
RW4CLF7110PH1819KO24LO21+: QSO is confirmed31
U1BD7114PH1820KO24SP07+: QSO is confirmed78
UA3AMZ7018CW1847KO24KO85U: unique (no log)0
EU1WW7005CW1848KO24KO33+: QSO is confirmed22
RW4CLF7010CW1849KO24LO21+: QSO is confirmed31
HA8TP7012CW1851KO24JN96+: QSO is confirmed30
RK1AS7013CW1852KO24SP10+: QSO is confirmedSP1078
UA5B7014CW1852KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UR5ITU7020CW1854KO24KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
UP0L7022CW1855KO24MO13+: QSO is confirmed34
RW3AI7023CW1856KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UA7G7025CW1857KO24LN14+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3QAM7026CW1858KO24KO91+: QSO is confirmed30
EW8OG7062PH1900KO24KO42+: QSO is confirmed25
UA5B3509CW1905KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RN7F3513CW1906KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
RW3XM3516CW1908KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
RM2U3518CW1909KO24LO07+: QSO is confirmed30
RV1CC3518CW1910KO24SP14+: QSO is confirmedSP1478
UA1ANA3519CW1912KO24SP20+: QSO is confirmedSP2078
UR8IF3520CW1913KO24KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
UA2FL3523CW1914KO24KO04+: QSO is confirmed24
RM3Z3523CW1915KO24KO90+: QSO is confirmed30
LZ5XQ3524CW1916KO24KN32+: QSO is confirmed31
R7AT3525CW1917KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
UA3XAO3525CW1919KO24KO85U: unique (no log)0
LY3QA3528CW1920KO24KO25+: QSO is confirmed20
RA2FAC3542CW1922KO24KO04U: unique (no log)0
RA1AL3506CW1923KO24SP17+: QSO is confirmedSP1778
RW3AI3510CW1924KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
LY9A3513CW1926KO24KO26+: QSO is confirmed23
R1DX3514CW1927KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmedSP1978
RA3MD3515CW1927KO24KO98+: QSO is confirmed30
R7AW3518CW1929KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32
R3FX3519CW1930KO24KO86+: QSO is confirmed29
LY3B3523CW1931KO24KO26+: QSO is confirmed23
UA3QGT3530CW1933KO24KO90+: QSO is confirmed30
UY2IG3532CW1934KO24KN88+: QSO is confirmed30
R1AT3514CW1937KO24SP12+: QSO is confirmedSP1278
LY2NK3512CW1938KO24KO24+: QSO is confirmed5
UA1A3516CW1939KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
UA1CEI3643PH1942KO24LO23+: QSO is confirmedLO2378
ER3CT3632PH1942KO24KN47+: QSO is confirmed29
RA3Y3621PH1943KO24KO73+: QSO is confirmed28
RX1CQ3615PH1943KO24LO23+: QSO is confirmed78
R1AX3611PH1944KO24SP20+: QSO is confirmed78
RA9SF3608PH1945KO24LO91+: QSO is confirmed34
RU1AB3605PH1946KO24LO24+: QSO is confirmedLO2478
UA9CLB3620PH1947KO24MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RN7F3624PH1947KO24LN05+: QSO is confirmed32
RW2B3631PH1948KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UA1AFZ3635PH1949KO24SP19+: QSO is confirmed78
LY9A3650PH1951KO24KO26+: QSO is confirmed23
RL3A3614PH1952KO24KO85+: QSO is confirmed29
UP0L3612PH1952KO24MO13+: QSO is confirmed34
UA1CKC3617PH1954KO24LO26+: QSO is confirmedLO2678
RA1AGL3638PH1956KO24LO22+: QSO is confirmedLO2278
RU9AC3640PH1957KO24MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
RM76DZ3635PH1958KO24LO31+: QSO is confirmedLO31128
UA6CC3610PH1959KO24KN95+: QSO is confirmed32

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