SA1A UBN Report

Callsign: SA1A


QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore QSOsPoints DXCC RDA OblScore
80 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
40 mCW652603 0 9 0592269 0 7 0
20 mCW351195 0 0 028928 0 0 0
15 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
10 mCW00 0 0 000 0 0 0
TotalAll1003798 0 9 06498873197 0 7 05297

DXCC RDA OblPoints
UX4U14000CW1506JO97KO50+: QSO is confirmed30
RU4IT14000CW1508JO97LO43+: QSO is confirmed33
UN7FW14000CW1509JO97MO71+: QSO is confirmed36
RW4WA14000CW1509JO97LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
R9DA14000CW1510JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
R8XW14000CW1515JO97MP27+: QSO is confirmed34
RU6CS14000CW1515JO97KN93+: QSO is confirmed33
RA9MX14000CW1515JO97MO65+: QSO is confirmed35
RQ9I14000CW1525JO97NO26+: QSO is confirmed36
UA4CNJ14000CW1525JO97LO21+: QSO is confirmed33
LY2BKT14000CW1528JO97KO14R: you have received invalid exchange numberKO150
UA4WI14000CW1528JO97LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
UA9CLB14000CW1528JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
UU9JK14000CW1529JO97KN64+: QSO is confirmed32
R3OM14000CW1532JO97KO91+: QSO is confirmed32
UT1IM14000CW1532JO97KN87+: QSO is confirmed32
RQ4F14000CW1532JO97LO13U: unique (no log)0
RT9A14000CW1533JO97MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
UA1A14000CW1534JO97SP19Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationHA1A0
RA3MD14000CW1535JO97KO98+: QSO is confirmed31
RL9U14000CW1536JO97NO33+: QSO is confirmed36
RA6AN14000CW1536JO97KN95+: QSO is confirmed33
RT4W14000CW1536JO97LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
RZ6AK14000CW1537JO97KN95U: unique (no log)0
UA3WW14000CW1541JO97KO81+: QSO is confirmed31
RN9RF14000CW1544JO97MO16+: QSO is confirmed34
R4WT14000CW1544JO97LO68+: QSO is confirmed33
RA9A14000CW1546JO97MO05+: QSO is confirmed34
UA4FDL14000CW1547JO97LO13S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationJO070
LZ5R14000CW1548JO97KN22+: QSO is confirmed32
UA6HFI14000CW1549JO97LN04+: QSO is confirmed33
UR9MB14000CW1551JO97KN98U: unique (no log)0
RN4SC14000CW1551JO97LO36+: QSO is confirmed32
RM3Z14000CW1551JO97KO90+: QSO is confirmed32
RT9A7000CW1706JO97MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
RK1AS7000CW1707JO97SP10+: QSO is confirmedSP1079
LY3B7000CW1707JO97KO26+: QSO is confirmed26
RW3XM7000CW1708JO97KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
EW3AAM7000CW1708JO97KO33+: QSO is confirmed28
UX4U7000CW1708JO97KO50+: QSO is confirmed30
RT4W7000CW1709JO97LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
RK1AQ7000CW1709JO97SP17+: QSO is confirmedSP1779
RL3KQ7000CW1710JO97KO91+: QSO is confirmed32
LY9A7000CW1711JO97KO26+: QSO is confirmed26
UA1CEC7000CW1711JO97LO36+: QSO is confirmedLO3679
UW1G7000CW1711JO97KN66+: QSO is confirmed32
RK4FM7000CW1712JO97LO13+: QSO is confirmed32
UA9CLB7000CW1712JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
YL2TB7000CW1713JO97KO16+: QSO is confirmed24
UA1AFT7000CW1713JO97SP04+: QSO is confirmedSP0479
UA4WI7000CW1714JO97LO66+: QSO is confirmed33
RA9AP7000CW1714JO97MO04+: QSO is confirmed34
LZ5XQ7000CW1714JO97KN32+: QSO is confirmed32
RW1CX7000CW1715JO97LO36+: QSO is confirmed79
UA3AAJ7000CW1716JO97KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
YL2PP7000CW1716JO97KO26+: QSO is confirmed26
RZ3PX7000CW1717JO97KO84+: QSO is confirmed31
RX4W7000CW1717JO97LO65+: QSO is confirmed33
UR5VR7000CW1718JO97KN68+: QSO is confirmed31
RN4SO7000CW1718JO97LO36C: you have received invalid callsignRU4SO0
R9DA7000CW1718JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
RU9WZ7000CW1719JO97LO74+: QSO is confirmed34
RA6AN7000CW1720JO97KN95+: QSO is confirmed33
RD9CX7000CW1721JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmedsystem error in time: 3 min.34
RU6CS7000CW1721JO97KN93+: QSO is confirmed33
UA1AUW7000CW1722JO97LO24+: QSO is confirmedLO2479
PA3DBS7000CW1722JO97JO21+: QSO is confirmed31
LY3QA7000CW1723JO97KO25+: QSO is confirmed26
RA9A7000CW1723JO97MO05+: QSO is confirmed34
RN4HAB7000CW1724JO97LO53+: QSO is confirmed33
RU4AA7000CW1725JO97LO10S: your exchange number was not correctly recieved by second stationJO070
RN3BO7000CW1725JO97KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
R1DM7000CW1726JO97LO30+: QSO is confirmedLO3079
R7AW7000CW1727JO97KN95+: QSO is confirmed33
UA4L7000CW1727JO97LO44+: QSO is confirmed33
DF1MM7000CW1727JO97JO43+: QSO is confirmed29
RZ6AK7000CW1729JO97KN95U: unique (no log)0
UT3EK7000CW1730JO97KN78+: QSO is confirmed32
RT3N7000CW1732JO97LO07+: QSO is confirmed31
UC7A7000CW1732JO97LN05+: QSO is confirmed33
LY3CY7000CW1732JO97KO24+: QSO is confirmed27
RA9CCK7000CW1733JO97MO06+: QSO is confirmed34
UA1HY7000CW1736JO97LO22Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationHA1A0
UT1IM7000CW1736JO97KN87+: QSO is confirmed32
UT2RI7000CW1737JO97KO60+: QSO is confirmed31
RN4SC7000CW1737JO97LO36+: QSO is confirmed32
R4II7000CW1737JO97LO43+: QSO is confirmed33
EW8OF7000CW1738JO97KO52+: QSO is confirmed30
YL2CV7000CW1739JO97KO16+: QSO is confirmed24
RU1QY7000CW1740JO97LO09+: QSO is confirmed31
UA3QAM7000CW1740JO97KO91+: QSO is confirmed32
RW1AI7000CW1742JO97SP14+: QSO is confirmedSP1479
UW1WU7000CW1742JO97KN29+: QSO is confirmed30
RA1QD7000CW1743JO97KO99+: QSO is confirmed31
UA1A7000CW1743JO97SP19Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationHA1A0
RA7C7000CW1745JO97LN05+: QSO is confirmed33
RU3FB7000CW1745JO97KO85+: QSO is confirmed31
UA1CUR7000CW1745JO97LO36+: QSO is confirmed79
RV1AQ7000CW1746JO97SP14Q: your callsign was not correctly recieved by second stationPA1A0

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